Name: Aly (Minac2503

Role: Lead Developer & CEO of Banished Entertainment.

Games: Sphere Dash, Sphere Dash 2, Destrus, Boom Box, Boom Box Redux.

Description: My name's Jesper, more known as Minac2503 or Aly. I started Banished Entertainment back in 2012.
Banished Entertainment is an Indie Company.
Everything I really wanted, was just to make games.
But when you make games, you need a place to put them. So I started Banished Entertainment (First known as Minac Development).

Since most our games are free. We don't get any money.
But once we start getting an income, we can expand even more in our Company, Website and our Games.


Name: JenTheFoxy

Role: Developer & Music Creator.

Games: Experita, Destrus, Sphere Dash, Sphere Dash 2, Boom Box.

Description: Jen joined Banished Entertainment the 15th of October 2015, with her game Experita.
Jen has been here longer, testing games like Destrus and XA-42.

Social Media: Twitter: @JenTheFoxy. Soundcloud: JenTheFox.