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Game Release: Experita

Experita is a Sandbox game, made by Desto.
Desto is the creator, of some of the music i use.
And he's also a game tester aswell.

He's joined MinacDev Entertainment with Experita.

Here's a slider with pictures of the game:

Game Release: XA-42

A new game is soon releasing in Beta, for both Windows, Mac, and Android.
(IPhone comming in the future)
XA-42 is an upgrade of the old XA-41 (A very simple 2D game).
This game on the other hand, is 2.5D / 3D (Depending on which you select, in the options menu).

NOTE: XA-42 is currently in Alpha.

Website Update

The website has had a little layout change.
Hopefully this looks better with the posts, and with alot of other things.
More updates will be following. Along with new Game releases.