This info is outdated, and will be updated soon.

Updated version can be found on GameJolt

Dreamside Online is a point and click MMO, based in the fantasy world of Elloxar.

You can take upon the class of Warrior, Archer, Guardian, or Fairy.
The game currently only has 2 kind of enemies. The Glork, the Skeletons, and the Trolls.
Each monster has their own zone, which they live in.
They aren't all the same level though. Some may be level 3, and some may be level 12.

You can chat, trade, and kill with other players.
You can learn new abilites as your class.
You can interact with the people of Elloxar.
Trade with them. Help them with their quests. Or just stand around, bored in their town.

You died? No problem! You just spawn right back in the town!

Patch Notes can be found on our forum.
The game at the moment isn't up for download. But you can signup for Alpha on our website, and we'll send you a copy of the latest Alpha.