User Account Purge

Due to an insane amount of spam bots.
We’ve decided to purge the entire user account database.
This means that your login on this website will no longer work.

How ever, all MDE accounts created using our LoginSystem3 are all intact.
Since we’re only purging the website’s user account database, our game’s database is not touched.

To ensure no further spam bots. We’ve banned alot of IPs that showed up with a suspicious User Agent.
(Also accidently banned ALL other IPs in the process.. Oopsie.)

A new system has also been added to the website.
This will help avoid the nasty spam bots.

Note that we are not deleting them all at once, but some at a time.

Maintenance: August 28th

We’ll be upgrading our hardware on August the 28th.
(Time: 01:00 AM EDT | 05:00 UTC.)
No time has been put on the downtime.
But the website, mail, and more will be down on the 28th, and maybe the 29th aswell.

We’re still here!

Even though we don’t update much on our website, with game updates and all that.
Dosn’t mean that we aren’t actually here.
Most of our updates happens on our page on
Currently working hard on our new MMORPG game, Project Dreamside.
Which makes us not make alot of updates on the main site.
But rather on the game’s own forum, or on Gamejolt.

Upcomming mini-game: Boom Box

Boom box is a physics sandbox… thing..
Its at the moment on GameJolt:
Go check it out, see if its something for you. If it looks nice, why not try it? 🙂

Destrus Update 0.6 Build 59

Features Added:

New Options menu. You can now control the Music, SFX and Quality.

Content Update:

Level 1 Recreated with new design and weapons.
Monsters Information Menu changed. Each monster unlocks after a level.

Level 2 and 3 are still the old ones
Due to this game still being in development. There will be no Downloadable demo.. (sorry)


Destrus Update 0.6 Build 57

Features Added:

– Login/Sign in System (MinacDev LoginSystem3)

(Logging in will give you an ingame bonus. Your account can be used in all other minacdev games, with this feature.)

Content Added:

– Level 4 Done

(Including Level4 login bonus)

Content Update:

– Staffs now have particle effects on them.

(One for each type)

Due to this game still being in development. There will be no Downloadable demo.. (sorry)